Thursday, November 1, 2007

Advent Conspiracy

This isn't so much a posting of my thoughts or ideas as it is telling you what I am excited about!  Ecclesia Clear Lake, along with many other churches around the country, is joining the advent conspiracy this Christmas season.  AC ( is not an organization or even a particular group of people; it's a movement of change.  AC aims to worship more, spend less, give more and love all this Christmas season through various avenues.  For instance, instead of losing two-month's wages on buying Christmas gifts for my family, I am going to make gifts instead.  The money that I would use for those gifts is going towards Living Water, a campaign that seeks to put wells in places that don't have clean water and then give them living water: Jesus.  

See the video in the upper right-hand corner to get an idea of where ECL's money will be going.  It's places like Chacocente, Nicaragua that will be affected by our sacrifice.  The video shows a place where people literally live in a giant trash heap.  At Chacocente it's not uncommon for a child to step on a needle or for disease to decimate an entire family.  This is worlds away from you and me.  AC will also sponsor wells in Africa and other places in need.  

I encourage you to think about doing something in this similar vein during the Christmas season.  Last year, AC was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars by participating with other churches.  This isn't a call to arms,  just a shout out to let you know what makes my heart beat and my eyes tear up.  Please watch the whole video when you have time (7-8 minutes) because it will touch you.  Blessings.  

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