Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blessed are the...

For the past few months I have not been able to shake the urge to notice people.  I try not to stare but my curiosity gets the best of me at the strangest of times.  For example, I was at Whataburger the other night with some friends and I couldn't help but observe the guy at the cash register as he slowly worked the clock down.  This guy was just another spoke on the wheel, an employee we all ignore from time-to-time as we gaze above his head to decide on the #1 or #3 combo meal.  Once the order is made we fork over the cash and wait for our Whata-meal.  But I cannot stop thinking about that guy!

Who is he?  What is his family history?  Why does he have that job?  Is he happy?  Does he get embarrassed when people his own age come in to order food?  So in an effort to actually connect, and not ignore, I asked how his night was going.  "What,"  he jerked his head back towards me as if I were speaking another language.  In truth I was speaking a different language.  Instead of barking orders or asking for more ketchup I simply asked how he was doing.  When he finally responded, he cracked a smile and said "tired."  The entire discourse only took about one minute but I could tell he appreciated it and so did I.

Do you think people know when they are blessed?  I mean to say, when Jesus tells us "blessed are the poor in spirit...blessed are those who mourn," do you think the poor and mourning ones know they are blessed?  I would guess not for most cases because they don't feel that way.  However it is precisely these people Jesus sought after because they were overlooked and seemingly useless.  For those of us who seek to live out the principles of the Kingdom of God, we see people like my Whata-friend and an opportunity to love arises.  It's not just an opportunity for us to seize so we can prove that we love others, rather it's a chance to let that person know he/she is blessed.  Ours' is a ministry of blessing others and not just waiting to receive blessings.  I wonder, who are the people in your little world that are waiting to hear the good news of being blessed?   


Anonymous said...

This is a really great thought brotha. Way more than standing under the "shower of blessings we seek" (an old hymn). Maybe, "shower of blessings we pour out"? It doesn't quite have the same ring, and it fills a little different; however, it sounds quite a bit more accurate, and ultimately fills us up as if we were standing under the shower, instead of participating as faucet. -mac...this has been calming, refreshing, blessing.

Shannon Morton said...

John, I was motivated by your comments to be faithful to reach out in sincere care for each person around me.

It reminds me of one of the most endearing qualities of the French people (seriously!). It is considered extremely polite and necessary to great every shop owner upon entering his/her establishment. You greet him/her upon entering and thank him/her upon leaving.

How much more poignant, I suppose, would this kind of respect for others be in a culture (ours) that does not normally extend this courtesy.

That's it! I feel renewed in my motivation to bless others in this way. Thank you!!