Friday, January 22, 2010

Bundle up for nuclear winter!

Question: How do you make French models look even more malnourished and sad than they already do?

Answer: Put them in the setting of the Apocalypse!

For those of you who saw any number of the apocalyptic films that have been released in the past five years (I Am Legend, 2012, The Book of Eli, or The Road) and wondered, "Why can't I rock the trench coat like Denzel?" Or, "Will I ever look as good as a nearly-disintegrated Viggo Mortensen?" Now you can! American designer Rick Owens displayed his latest, darkest creation in Paris this week: Apocalypse-wear. Personally, I think Rick should take a line from Jay-Z's fashion creation (Rocawear) and call his work "Apocawear!" See pics below:

It seems the apocalyptic craze has finally reached the most important form of culture (also read here for my post on movies, the apocalypse, and why it's a hot topic).

Bundle up for nuclear winter, because it's about to get frigid with a 90% chance of sexy!


In Process said...

I want to bundle up and hide my eyes like the wind is so brutal that my flesh gets burned and the sun so deadly that my eyes are turned...dark.

Charles said...

90% chance of sexy? Whoa...I like those odds. Just thought I'd send you a quick list of some of my online study resources from my website. I sent you some of this information already, but I added a few: Christian Missions. Yes, the name is so amazingly unique and catchy I'm sure it'll be the next thing to sweep the nation, like our French in their trendy nuclear winter apparel....or not.
Hope all is going well crazy man, God bless!